November 9, 2009

Steve Madden Intyce Boots

I've been rockin' these boots since spring, and I still love them to death...

They go with almost anything and even have a little bit of a heel. Everywhere I go people ask where I got them and I am so ecstatic to share my shoe mecca with them-STEVE MADDEN!

They're currently listed for $169.95 on, but you can get them at Nordstrom for $129.

1 comment:

  1. their absolutly GORGEOUS!! i was on holiday in africa (AMAZING CONTINENT+BEST HOLIDAY)..
    nd my cousins best friend walked into the restaurant wearing them with leggings and this long cream top with a coach bag! She looked HOTTTTTTTTTT!! .. i wanna get themm! here in the u.k they are 40-60 pounds..but i dont think ma mum wil buy them for me :( i have to get themm hopefully!! <3