September 30, 2009

If you love Herve Leger...

Love all the Herve Leger designs but not the sky high prices? Lucky for us, BCBG just came out with what I think is the greatest bandage skirt ever made. It hugs you in all the right places and comes in the cutest colors!

The skirt is currently available in teal, orange, fuschia, grey, black...or my personal favorite-deep purple ($138):

Pair it with a leather jacket and loose tank, just like LC:

Don't wait, stores are selling out like crazy!

Move Over Booties

The past few years, the bootie has been making its way into the mainstream but this fall, two distinct trends are taking over in the world of shoes. When it comes to boots remember two very important things: over the knee & fold-over.

Chloe and Vera Wang are the first designers to come out with these hot new types of boots. Chloe's Micro Stud Over the Knee Suede boots are beau-ti-ful ($715):

As for Vera Wang, her Trudy boots are equally as breathtaking ($525):

Now while I go to bed and dream about these two obsessions of mine I will be patiently waiting for their duplicates to be hitting the lower end stores sometime soon. Until then, sweet dreams!

Coco Before Chanel: Classy & Fabulous

She single-handedly revolutionized the world of fashion. And now there is a film about her life.

I feel a little incomplete...MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." -Coco Chanel

Check out the trailer here:

I'll have to wait 'til November 6th but the release dates are different for every city so check for a theatre near you!

Fall Must-Haves

For those of you wondering what's in store for fall, I've got two evening essentials that no girl should be caught dead without: Sequins & Fur!

Sequins will add the instant glamour to any outfit. The smaller and darker the sequins, the better. Two of my personal favorite brands Gryphon and Haute Hippie have come out with some AMAZING designs. Incorporating the current mini skirt trend is a must ($345):

As for fur, the thicker the better! It's all about the diva look when it comes to this trend. Elizabeth & James, the brand created by the Olsen twins, recently came out with a bunch of great fur items for fall. I recommend a fur vest, the ultimate chic statement ($725):

Now for those of us who consider themselves a little more animal friendly, faux fur is super affordable & easy to find. Juicy Couture is THE brand to turn to for faux ($298):

Tim Burton's Magical Fashion

For their fall issue, Harper's Bazaar added an unexpected twist to one of their spreads. The shoot took place in a field and was dark, whimsical and so very fresh...or as Rachel Zoe would put it-BANANAS. Designers ranged from Gaultier to Balmain to Chanel. Who is the director you might ask? Well none other than Tim Burton.

Who else to get you into that Halloween spirit, than legendary filmmaker Tim Burton? A close friend of Johnny Depp, the artist is responsible for almost any spooky and quirky film you can imagine. Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd--you name it and chances are Burton is the man behind the scenes.

Starting November 22, Burton's retrospective will be on display at the MoMA in NYC. The exhibit lasts through the end of April 2010 and consist of roughly 700 "drawings, paintings, photographs, storyboards, moving-image works, puppets, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera," many from the filmmaker's own personal collection!

To see the rest of the amazing shoot, visit the Harper's Bazaar website:

September 29, 2009

Fangs are Fantastic

We can all thank Edward Cullen...

For those of you who thought the vampire craze was so last season, it is just the beginning!

Designers took the immensely popular theme that began last year and ran wild with it for this fall's collections. Everything from dark muted plaids, all kinds of leather accessories & red lips galore is what's in store for the season.

Although it started off last year as a celebrity fueled t-shirt brand, the Wildfox/Whitehorse brand has grown into a full blown craze! I personally love what they did with their fall 2009 campaign...below is a sneak peek.

"She is the Native Heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child. She is a Wildfox.”

The whole set of photos truly is a must see. Go to:

Click Fall 2009. Let me know what you think!

Dying to see this...

R.J. Cutler gives audiences and fashion addicts a peek into the mystical mecca known throughout the world by one name-Vogue.

I am DYING to see this movie but it is only in select theaters in New York City and Los Angeles. As every fashionista knows, the september issue of any magazine is the climax of the fashion journalism year. I adore Anna Wintour and cannot wait to see her in action behind the scenes!

Have any of you seen this film yet? What did you think?