September 29, 2009

Fangs are Fantastic

We can all thank Edward Cullen...

For those of you who thought the vampire craze was so last season, it is just the beginning!

Designers took the immensely popular theme that began last year and ran wild with it for this fall's collections. Everything from dark muted plaids, all kinds of leather accessories & red lips galore is what's in store for the season.

Although it started off last year as a celebrity fueled t-shirt brand, the Wildfox/Whitehorse brand has grown into a full blown craze! I personally love what they did with their fall 2009 campaign...below is a sneak peek.

"She is the Native Heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child. She is a Wildfox.”

The whole set of photos truly is a must see. Go to:

Click Fall 2009. Let me know what you think!

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