May 3, 2010


Undoubtedly, Lindsay Lohan gets a bad rap. And yes, her hot mess antics are the sole reason for her public perception. Still, the girl has got style. You simply can't deny it. 

So, as a fan of hers I decided a long time ago to stop paying attention to the media windstorm around her and appreciate her for her fashion choices. Here she is with her mom Dina, floating around Manhattan in a beautiful floral number paired with a cropped & studded leather jacket. Effortless & chic.


  1. I adore her outfit here! Love the mix of girly and tough.

  2. I left you a blogger award on my blog this past Sunday - Drop by The Creative Mixx to pick it up:)


  3. Ohmy you are so right. Fashion isn't always given much credit when it comes to tabloid hogging celebrities!!! Florals are so making a come back, and that jacket just becomes one of the many ways to wear a floral!!