October 4, 2009

LL at Ungaro

Controversy and publicity-the two effects the chief exec of Emanuel Ungaro hoped for when he hired Lindsay Lohan as the French line's new creative director, are now surely a reality. The line debuted and while the heads at Ungaro claimed that they wanted to add an element of "shock" to their fashion brand, the result was a shock on the faces of all the buyers and editors in attendance. The NY Times had this to say about the show:

"Celebrity fashion designers have, until now, been a mostly American phenomenon, with lines targeted to department stores under labels by Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake, among many others. But Ms. Lohan’s arrival at a 45-year-old Paris house known for $1,500 dresses and a tradition of couture craftsmanship is entirely different, something akin to a McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant."

A greasy fast food chef? Ouch. Poor LL might have to wait another few years before the fashion world is ready to take her seriously. I think the review at Style.com put it best:

"This quickly devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, "bad eighties" draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties. To top it off, the fabrics and the construction lacked the finesse you expect from a famous Avenue Montaigne brand."

I didn't think the looks were THAT horrible. Of course, the recurring use of neon mixed with black didn't really scream high luxury. Still, here are some of a few looks that turned out alright:

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