April 28, 2010

Kourt Kardash

The eldest of the Kardashian trio, Kourtney, has the absolute best style! She is so petite yet she manages to pull off runway-esque looks that always flatter her frame perfectly. She's body conscious, yet not overly sexy, mastering a chic sex appeal that is do-able for us non-celebs. Check out some of her latest looks! To die for.

Loving the Balenciaga bag & sunglasses. As of today I am a proud owner of the same pair, and they are perfect if you have an oval face! Now onto my search for the perfect romper...


  1. shes truly my fav.


  2. The first look is my favorite that skirt is to die for!!!

  3. I know I love her skirt & hair too, even if it's extensions!